Many of you who are current clients of the Studio already know this, but now it's time to share this with everyone who has been associated with the Studio since it opened January 2010.  Our family is moving to Michigan.  The Agoura Business Center has decided it no longer wants a fitness facility in this location, and so I will be unable to sell it as a going concern to someone else, as I had hoped.   Hence, it is my unhappy duty to inform you that ..

the Strong Body Studio closed it's doors forever on Friday, June 1st, 2012.

I want to thank each and every one of you for making the Studio the special place it has been for these two and a half years.  There are been bigger and/or more profitable Pilates Studios, but I am bold enough to say, there has never been a better one!  

Magical in Feel and Miraculous in Function!!  

The voile curtains billowing in the breeze and catching the light in the window wall have made it feel like we have been outside on the reformers as the sunset hills reflected in the mirror wall.  It has truly been a magical space to work and play!  One of many wonderful moments has occurred more than once as someone new has entered the Studio and said, without a trace of irony, that it is the most beautiful Pilates or Yoga studio they have ever been in.  A true cygnet grown to such a graceful swan!

People have grown strong here!!!  A woman with a near frozen shoulder regains nearly full mobility to the point where sometimes she and I have a hard time remembering which shoulder it was....a cancer survivor returns to strength and function and travels the world with renewed energy, helping in healthcare missions to third world countries across the globe...a dancer grows even more in grace and function... a rock star becomes video ready and actually does a photo shoot in the Studio space...a bride prepares for her wedding..and her mother prepares as well for that glorious day....that same bride strengthens during the initial stages of her pregnancy...a 60-year-old woman turns cartwheels on a beach with renewed strength, flexibility and joy....

It has been a privilege and an honor working with all of you.  

As much as I hope I have taught you to be stronger and more joyous in your body, I know I have grown in wisdom and learned valuable lessons from each and every one of you.

With tears of sorrow that it is ending,

                      With tears of joy for all it was,

Wishing you Strength, Joy & Wisdom now & Always,

Emily JC Belanger
Founder & Principle Instructor

the Strong Body Studio

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